Asia Shoor Co. attempts to provide types of food products with constant development, based on know-how and experience, to see the more Health and Vitality of people with its products.


Our Goals:

       “The Most Distinctive in Global-Class”

Our Values:

  1. Satisfying God is the source of our blessings & benefits.
  2. Our persistence is in customer satisfaction.
  3. Our excellence is in our staff satisfaction.
  4. Our sustainability is in Community satisfaction.
  5. Satisfying shareholders is the base of business development.

Our Policies:

  1. Human Resource Development
  2. Quality Improvement
  3. Systematic Orienting  
  4. Brand Development
  5. Market-based Orienting
  6. Fundamental Knowledge & Organizational Learning
  7. Improving Performance
  8. Developing Creativity & Innovation
  9. Organizational Agility
  10. Entering the Global Areas
  11. Adornment Work-place, Safety & Hygiene
  12. Environment Friendly

We hope to be superior with the aid of God and smart assist of our compassionate colleagues.